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Solar Panels in Victorville, CA

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Premier Solar Roofing Services in Victorville, CA

Thanks to the growing emphasis on clean energy, California’s solar industry is booming. Homeowners in Victorville, CA, and the surrounding communities trust California Roof and Solar Guys with these projects as a top solar shingles and panels installer. Our solar roof services make it possible for every household to produce renewable energy using roofs and custom solar systems.

Which solar panels will work best with your current Victorville roofing material? Solar shingles? Others? Our specialists can help you select options to save money, produce sufficient power, and, more importantly, promote a healthier environment.

Top Victorville’s Solar Company: Installation from an industry leader

California remains a top investor in solar energy, leveraging installed panels on roofing systems to reduce the dependency on the local electrical grid. Solar installation is eco-friendly but still requires the right equipment and skills to ensure success. Don’t worry; California Roof and Solar Guys specialize in all things roofing and renewable energy systems!

How Does a Solar Roof Harness the Sun’s Energy?

Solar panels house a collection of photovoltaic cells that make it possible to transform light energy into electricity. When sunlight hits roofs with solar shingles or panels, photons hit the PV cells hard enough to remove electrons, resulting in an electrical charge.

We can put PV inverters on your roofing in addition to solar panels. With inverters, you can sell excess energy to the local electricity grid for additional savings.

Our Installation Process for Victorville Solar Shingles

If you want to switch from traditional electricity to clean solar power, we can make it happen. When you work with California Roof and Solar Guys, you can be confident we’ll take the time to accurately assess your home’s energy needs. That’s why we start every solar panel project in San Bernardino County with a free consultation before we create your custom solar solution. 

The process begins when our solar system designers inspect your roof to figure out the preferred layout for installed solar panels. Our solar roofing experts will then install solar panels according to your needs. And after the city approves your solar roofing project, you can immediately begin generating clean energy!

Reasons for Installing Solar Panels or solar shingles in California

Whether you need us to work with panels or solar shingles in California, onto a new roof replacement or an existing roof, we can handle your home’s needs. We’ll guide you through the entire process to ensure your home has the perfect solar shingles in the best position to produce the most power possible.

It takes a lot of planning to switch to solar. However, when you combine solar solutions with your roofing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Save Money on Energy Bills

It’s possible to eliminate the need for traditional electricity from Victorville’s power grid. The right solar roofing services can help you equip your property to generate enough power for your home.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Traditional electricity relies on fossil fuels, which contributes to pollution. By reducing your dependency on your local electrical grid with solar panels on your roofing, your home will thrive on renewable energy to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

Enjoy Tax Credits

Another reason Victorville residents prefer solar roofing involves potential tax credits. Federal solar tax credit can help pay for a significant portion of the solar system’s installation costs, allowing you to ramp up the return on your investment fast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar in Victorville, CA

How Much Electricity Can Roof-Mounted Solar Panels Produce?

If you install solar panels onto the roof of an average-sized residence, each panel could generate up to 400 watts per hour. The upgraded roofing system will produce more electricity on Victorville’s sunny days than it would during harsh weather conditions.

How Many Solar Panels Should You Install Onto Your Roof Deck?

The number of panels you’d need depends on your roofing size and layout. An average roofing structure needs between 17 and 25 panels to become completely independent of Victorville’s electrical grid.

How Long Does a Solar Array Last?

You can expect the panels on your roof to produce electricity for at least 25 years. Our custom systems include 25-year warranties. With our skills, knowledge, and roofing expertise, you can be confident your equipment will be fully functional for years and eventually pay for itself.

Do Solar Systems Need Maintenance?

The equipment on your roof will need periodic maintenance, similar to routine roofing maintenance. It doesn’t have moving parts, but it does have wires that need occasional inspections.

Rain is usually enough to clean the panels naturally. Unfortunately, Victorville gets less than half of the country’s average rainfall amount, so an annual wash might be necessary.

Can Solar Panels Work Without Sunlight?

Solar panels work best in bright sunlight, which is plentiful in Victorville, but the equipment will still pick up the light on cloudy days.

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