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Solar Installation in Lancaster, CA

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Solar Roofing Services in Lancaster, CA

When you’re ready to save money long-term with a Lancaster, CA, solar project, give California Roof and Solar Guys a call!

In sunny Lancaster, roofs with solar panels can produce substantial clean energy to meet most, if not all, of a building’s power needs. California Roof and Solar Guys offers premium solar installation services for residents throughout Lancaster, CA, and the surrounding neighborhoods who are interested in saving money on energy costs. 

Our team specializes in roofing services, including residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, and solar roof installation. Reach out to learn more about our solar roofing services!

Reasons to Get Solar Shingles Onto Your Existing Roof in Lancaster

Installing roofing with solar panels is not a project anyone should take lightly. Many factors go into selecting the right roofing panels and shingles for the solar system, and installing them requires the specialized skills that our team can provide. Still, roofing with solar panels from California Roof and Solar Guys offers many benefits for Lancaster locals.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Installed solar panels will immediately begin generating clean energy from the sun. Depending on the size of your property and how many solar panels your roofing has, you could potentially eliminate the need for electricity through the local power grid.

We can put PV inverters on your roofing in addition to solar panels. With inverters, you can sell excess energy to the local electricity grid for additional savings.

Boost Your Property Values

The roof is one of the most important features of any home. Potential home buyers look for an attractive, well-installed roof, but solar roofing is also enticing. If you sell your home with solar roofing, you could ask for a higher price.

Take Advantage of Solar Installation Tax Credits and Incentives

The return on investment from solar roofing is substantial. You can receive tax credits and incentives from the government to help offset the costs of an otherwise costly solar array. Many Lancaster residents use the federal solar tax credit to receive a credit worth 30% of the solar installation costs.

Solar Roof Installation for Lancaster Homeowners

Residential solar roofing services are excellent choices for anyone who wants a new roof that does more than add to the property’s curb appeal. Solar roofing is an investment that offers many benefits to its owners and the environment, from reduced energy consumption to lower monthly bills.

As the top solar company in California, we help Lancaster residents take advantage of the region’s abundant sunshine by offering solar planning and installation services for their roofing systems. With the planning service, we take time to learn the household’s energy needs and determine the ideal solar components to meet them. When it’s time to put the solar array on the existing or new roof, our roofing technicians will manage the project from start to finish.

Our Process for Installing Solar Panels in Lancaster

Our professionals provide a comprehensive solar panel installation process to ensure Lancaster homeowners get the perfect solar system for their roofs. These steps are part of the process:

  • Consultation: Our team will talk to you about your home’s energy requirements and determine which type of solar solution is best for your roofing system.
  • Engineering: Our technicians use advanced technology to design a solar panel system that best accommodates your property’s power needs without negatively impacting its curb appeal.
  • Installation: Skilled solar experts will carefully install solar shingles or panels on your roofing.
  • Activation: We’ll activate the installed solar panels on your roof and inspect everything to ensure the panels are fully functional and ready to generate electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lancaster Solar Panels

Below are common questions people ask California Roof and Solar Guys about solar solutions for their roofing systems.

How Long Does It Take to Install Roof-Mounted Solar Panels?

Installing solar in Lancaster, CA, can take about one to three days on average. Still, there’s more to getting the service than attaching panels to the roofing. Because the panels must connect to the local grid and receive approval, it can actually take about 45 days to complete the installation from start to finish.

How Many Panels Are Necessary for a Solar Roof in Lancaster?

The size of your roofing will determine how many panels or shingles you’ll need for your solar solution. An average-sized house in Lancaster would need up to 25 panels to produce enough energy to take the property off the electrical grid. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you determine how many panels you’ll need.

Is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels During a Roof Replacement?

We can install solar panels anytime. You could wait until it’s time to replace your roof to invest in solar power, or we can work on your existing structure, as long as it’s in good condition.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Each solar panel contains photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits the cells, they turn the light into electricity. The exchange occurs due to sunlight photons hitting the PV cells hard enough to knock off their electrons, which produces an electrical current.

The result of many active PV cells interacting with photons in light is renewable energy that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Can Solar Power Replace Electrical Energy?

Yes. Depending on how many solar panels you have on your roof, you could potentially replace traditional electricity with renewable energy from the sun.

Get the Best Installation for Solar Roofing in Lancaster From Our Team

With our years of experience providing solar roofing services throughout Lancaster, CA, and the surrounding communities, California Roof and Solar Guys is the go-to source for residential solar energy solutions. Whether you want to put solar shingles directly onto your home’s current roof deck or want a roof replacement with solar panels, we have the skills, equipment, and technology to handle the job.

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