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Solar Installation in California

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As the best solar company in California, we are dedicated to offering residents in California the best solutions for solar installations. In addition to being environmentally beneficial, solar installation is also an economical option to produce your own electricity and reduce your utility costs. The following are a few advantages you’ll get from a new solar installation:

Reduced Energy Bills

By producing your own clean energy, solar installation can drastically lower your energy costs.

Increase Your Home Equity

Solar installations systems can help you raise the value of your house, making them wise investments for any homeowner.


Using solar energy will lessen your carbon footprint, which will benefit the environment.

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Our Solar Installation Process

Replace: A new roof replacement provides California homeowners with a number of advantages. Here is a comprehensive list of the most significant advantages:

Step 1 - Consultation:

We’ll arrange a consultation to determine the energy requirements of your property and create a unique solar panel system.

Step 2 - Engineering:

To design your solar panel system and make sure it satisfies your energy requirements, our experts will employ cutting-edge software.

Step 3 - Installation:

Your solar panels will be rapidly and effectively installed by our team of knowledgeable experts.

Step 4 - Activation:

After your solar panels are put in place, we’ll turn on your system and make sure everything is working properly.

Why Choose California Roof and Solar Guys

As a SunPower Accredited Dealer, California Roof and Solar Guys is able to provide the best solar panels on the market. Additionally, we provide a 25-year warranty on all of our solar panel installations to give you assurance and security for many years to come. Our straightforward and effective solar panel installation procedure guarantees a hassle-free experience for our clients.

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Solar Tax Benefits

The Federal Solar Tax Credit and the California Solar Initiative are two tax incentives available to Californians who transition to solar electricity. These incentives can substantially lower the cost of your solar panel system and result in long-term energy bill savings.

The industrialization of the global economy has compelled our governments to provide sustainable incentives to lessen our reliance on non-sustainable energy. With 30% tax credit and rebates available to homeowners, solar energy is more affordable than ever!

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WOOOWWWW!!!! This is the company to go solar with!! My solar process was steamless, my rep Matthew was very knowledge about how solar works! He is very friendly and kind and definitely not pushy. He let me know in the beginning if I didn’t want to go solar with him that I don’t have too. With all the information about solar he provided to me, I knew from that point on he was trusted. Thank you your time and helping me save over 127k. Thank you Matthew. If you have any questions you can reach out to him at 818-699-8604

Matt G.

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