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Concerns about the environment are inspiring property owners in Anaheim to consider sustainable energy solutions. Anaheim solar panels offer a clean energy system for any home or business in one of the sunniest U.S. states.

Many hesitate to change to these systems because of the high upfront costs of solar services. However, technological and political changes in the last ten years have provided incentives to installers and clients alike. As such, it’s never been more affordable to protect the environment by making the switch to solar.

Work with a reliable solar company in California, equipped to install your system. At California Roof and Solar Guys, we provide quality customer service, efficient installation, and high-value project management. Ask about our solar services and past projects today.

Advantages of Installing Solar Panels Anaheim, CA

There’s a reason an Anaheim commercial giant like Disney installed solar equipment at their California park. With advantages ranging from energy savings to sustainability, Disney wisely decided to replace some of their energy infrastructure with over 1,400 solar panels.

Clean, Sustainable Energy and Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that solar energy burns cleaner than electricity. That’s why so many environmental advocates lobby for more solar energy throughout the country.
Reducing or eliminating your need for electricity can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Solar energy capitalizes on Anaheim’s 280 days of sun and doesn’t rely on burning toxic fossil fuels for power.

Reduced or Eliminated Electric Bill

Did you know that receiving professional installation and solar services can actually save you money? While residential electricity relies on services from local power companies, solar energy offers energy independence after installation.
After getting solar services installed in your home, you can expect immediate savings from reduced reliance on your power company. As your system becomes more efficient, your solar panels can eliminate your energy bill entirely.

Save Through Net Metering

Many solar systems actually produce excess power. While you can save some of this energy in batteries, net metering allows you to redirect excess power to your local electric company to amass savings on future utility bills.
Solar panel installation should set you on track to save money by eliminating your electricity expense. However, contributing power to the Anaheim energy system can reduce your bill if you need to use electrical power. Get solar equipment installed today to start net metering.

Avoid Blackouts and Power Outages

From 2008 to 2017, over 4,000 blackouts rendered Anaheim homes powerless. As the burdens on California’s energy system increase, guaranteeing efficient energy within your home is challenging. Getting a solar system installed makes you independent of this infrastructure, saving you frustration during blackouts.

Consistent Sun and Solar Energy in Anaheim

One major concern about solar services is whether solar panels are efficient during gray or cloudy days. For Anaheim residents, there should be no concern about receiving year-round solar energy.
Energy storage equipment like batteries and backups can ensure your home or business is never without power. Combined with Anaheim’s average 280 days of sunlight, solar equipment has nearly guaranteed longevity and efficacy.

Our Individualized Process as the Premier Anaheim Solar Company

Installing solar panels can seem like a major project. Fortunately, hiring professional solar services from the top-rated company in Anaheim ensures your home or business gets exactly what it needs to save money on utilities year-round.

At California Roof and Solar Guys, we offer comprehensive solar services and installation to bring your home or business the benefits of modern, sustainable energy. Our individualized process helps you save money by going solar without breaking the bank. Read more about our custom process and service below.

Step 1
Free Consultation

First, our professionals will inspect your home for its solar capabilities. Once we understand factors like your current electrical capacity, energy needs, and roof stability, we can recommend the best solar system for your home.

Step 2
Agreement Reviews

You can integrate solar energy into your property in many ways. For example, some homeowners prefer leasing panels either monthly or long-term. Leasing allows for a trial period to ascertain the impact going solar has on your home. Otherwise, owning solar panels is an excellent option for any property. Our professionals can review your home's solar needs and consult you on the best option for your financial situation.

Step 3
Customize Your Solar System

Professionals can install several types of solar systems. While some integrate into roof tiles, others might sit on the side of your home like an outdoor HVAC unit. At California Roof and Solar Guys, we prioritize customization to mitigate the aesthetic and functional impact of going solar at your home. We can help you pick the perfect layout for your system to maximize energy and minimize inefficiencies.

Step 4
High-Quality Solar Installation

Now that we designed an ideal system for your Anaheim property, it's time for installation and final tune-ups. Our expert solar technicians have extensive knowledge and experience installing solar systems for residential and commercial properties in Anaheim.

Step 5
Receive Solar Benefits for Years

The reliability of solar services means you can benefit from your panels for years. Your solar system is ready to go and could start saving you money immediately. Why wait to call for professional installation?

Enlist Top-Rated Solar Services in Anaheim, CA, From California Roof and Solar Guys

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