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Invisimount Frame

When it comes to solar installations, aesthetics often play a pivotal role in a homeowner’s decision-making process. Recognizing this, our exclusive InvisiMount® frame is here to help you. 

This cutting-edge design goes beyond the conventional, prioritizing both function and form. 

Unlike traditional mounting systems that can be visually intrusive, the InvisiMount® frame is ingeniously designed to remain completely concealed once installed. 

The result? A clean, uninterrupted surface that showcases the beauty of the solar panels without any visible mounting distractions. 

This sleek appearance seamlessly melds with any architectural style, ensuring that while your home harnesses the power of the sun, it does so with elegance and sophistication. 

With InvisiMount®, you’re not just choosing efficiency; you’re choosing a design that truly complements and enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.




Conventional solar frames can be visible from the ground, but with the SunPower EquinoxTM system, the frame is hidden, so beautiful solar is the only thing you see.

Solar® Complete Confidence Warranty VS Conventional Solar Panel Warranty

Complete system


Removal of defective part


Installation of new part




25 years
Product warranty term
10 years
25 year power decline

Industry-leading, Complete System Warranty

Our solar warranty is unparalleled, covering your entire system for 25 years, with 10 years specifically for monitoring hardware. 

This comprehensive protection includes everything: performance, labor, and parts. Our confidence stems from our panels’ proven ability to consistently deliver superior energy, reliability, and long-term savings. 

In essence, when you choose our system, you’re not just investing in solar panels but in 25 years of assured performance and peace of mind.

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