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California Roof and Solar Guys is proud to offer industry-leading solar installation service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Solar energy is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your electricity bills and achieve energy independence.

Our solar installers can help you find the best products to save money and increase your property value.

Solar Installations for Los Angeles Homeowners

Residential solar energy is the wave of the future, with many property owners installing solar panel systems on their homes. We specialize in planning and solar panel installation services. Our company strives to make sure that homeowners have all the relevant information they need to make the jump to solar power.

Our installers follow a simple method for solar installation in Los Angeles, CA. We first provide a free consultation to determine the general layout and design of your system. After reviewing our agreement and making customizations to your home, we will install your panels on your roof and connect the power. Once you get final approval, you can turn your system on and enjoy the benefits of solar power.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Rooftop solar panels contain small bundles of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert energy from light into usable electricity. When the photons in light strike the PV cells, their momentum knocks electrons off, creating an electrical current. The greater the number of photons and PV cells, the greater amount of current produced.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are a significant investment and require a lot of time and planning. However, they have several advantages and benefits that make them worth the time and money investment. Below are some of the benefits of solar panel installation in Los Angeles, CA, with our experienced solar company.

Reduced Energy Bills

The main reason to get solar panels is to save money by reducing your energy bills. Depending on the size of your array, you can either substantially reduce or completely eliminate monthly energy bills. If you have PV inverters installed, you can sell excess electricity and power back to your local grid to save even more money.

Increase Property Values

Aside from energy savings and efficiency, PV systems increase your property values. Many prospective buyers will pay good money for a solar panel setup, so your home will sell for more. According to one study, an average-sized array of solar panels installed can increase property values by up to $15,000

Tax Credits and Incentives

Most states offer tax credits and other local solar incentives for installing solar on your home. For example, the federal solar tax credit allows you to take a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of installation. So if you spent $10,000 to install solar panels on your roof, you could reduce total taxes you owe by up to $3,000.

Solar Is Renewable

Solar energy is 100% renewable energy and can significantly reduce your home's carbon footprint. A solar energy setup on your house produces zero carbon emissions or greenhouse gasses. Further, PV cells do not require water or other sources of energy.

Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions customers ask us about solar power, solar companies, and our solar panel install service

How Long Does Installing Solar Panels Take?

A professional team of installers can install an average-sized solar system in one to three days. However, you must first connect each panel to the grid and get local approval before you can turn them on. Average install takes 45 days.

How Much Energy Do Solar Panels Produce?

The average residential solar power system on the market produces an average of 250 to 400 watts per hour per panel. Solar panels will produce more power during sunny conditions, which you can store in batteries to use at night.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

It depends on the size of your house. Most average-sized homes need between 17 and 25 solar panels to completely offset their electrical usage.
One way to estimate the required solar panel number on your house is to multiply your average energy consumption per hour by the total amount of peak sunlight hours in your area, then divide that number by the wattage of the panels.

What Position Is Best for Residential Solar Panels?

For homes north of the equator, the ideal direction is solar systems installed facing south. South-facing solar panels will receive the most sunlight, maximizing the amount of power the system can produce.

Do Solar Panels Still Work When Cloudy or Rainy?

Yes, your array will still generate electricity even when it’s cloudy, though performance might be lower than normal. You can also install a battery to store solar energy for use during the night. Your array will also still work in the rain, though effectiveness might be reduced.

Solar Installation Service Near Me

California Roof and Solar Guys has years of experience helping customers in Los Angeles install roof solar arrays. Our solar panel installation service can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. As a trusted local solar company in LA, we won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.

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